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House Pioneer Duo Eflorem Drops “With You”

High tempo paradise – “With You” is Eflorem’s new single that possesses incredible energy and vibe. Celebrating love and the limited time we have with our loved ones, the house duo leverages the minimalistic lyrics, consistent with the genre, creating an authentic new perspective on the topic. “With You” is like an empowering and at the same time electrifying piece that makes the listener sing along to “It’s like my heart’s on fire when I’m with you”. 

Bound to succeed big time, Eflorem already has tens of thousands of plays. “With You” is a vibrant and fun piece that will not only entertain but make us seek out and embrace the good moments with our loved ones. The duo had previously released “Breathe Fire”, “WDL”, “Blast Off” and more, songs and EPs that showcase the talented art of Eflorem. Combining elements of various subgenres in unexpected ways, the two artists delight EDM fans around the world!

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