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George Santos Officially Expelled from Congress — Here’s What Happened

George Santos has officially been expelled from the House of Representatives, after a vote which took place on Friday, December 1, 2023. He is only the sixth member to be expelled in the entire 234 year history of the House of Representatives and only the third person since the Civil War.

He is also the first member of the House to be expelled without a prior conviction.

Santos’ wrongdoings, which were detailed in a House Ethics Committee report, include using campaign funds to pay for Botox, OnlyFans, Sephora, credit card debt, meals, parking and a purchase at luxury store Hermes. He was charged by federal prosecutors in May on 13 counts, which include defrauding his donors. A superseding indictment in October saw him indicted on 10 additional charges, including using donors’ credit cards. He has pleaded not guilty to all charges. 

105 Republicans and 206 Democrats voted in favor of expelling Santos, for a total of 311 votes in favor and 114 against. A two-thirds majority was needed for expulsion. 

The internet’s reaction to Santos being expelled from Congress was as chaotic as always, with some joking to the tune of “DIVA DOWN, DIVA DOWN.”

Some were celebrating ‘George Santos Expulsion Friday.’

And others just straight-up mocking Santos.

There were even some thoughts and prayers for Santos’ mother, who according to the former Representative died on at least 3 separate occasions, including on 9/11, and now has to watch her son get expelled from Congress. 

George Santos left Congress without making any statements to the press.