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Float In A Dream With AKTHESAVIOR & sagun’s Latest Joint Single “Dear World”

Brooklyn based rapper AKTHESAVIOR and Nepal based lo-fi producer sagun join worlds for their fifth and final single off their upcoming joint album u r not alone, titled “Dear World.” There’s few, if any, other genres that are as dreamy as lo-fi. sagun has become a mainstay in the lo-fi scene over the years, racking up over 500 million streams worldwide. AKTHESAVIOR’s New York psychedelia style of rap is the perfect complement to the essence of lo-fi, making “Dear World” a truly dreamy track.

The duo plans on making “Dear World” the opener to their album. The track is uplifting and overwhelmingly positive. It ends with AKTHESAVIOR speaking affirmations and sets the tone for what I’m sure will be an incredible album in u r not alone, coming April 5.

On “Dear World”, AKTHESAVIOR said,

“This is my letter to the world,” says AK. “Creating this song during the heart of the pandemic, I was home in my room a lot thinking about the world and my purpose very deeply. I had some friends who lost not only their jobs, but family members on top of everything else. I was inspired to make something that feels uplifting; a reminder to persevere and know that you are not alone no matter what situation you live through.”

Stream the track below and enjoy!

AKTHESAVIOR & sagun – Dear World

-Written By: JD Scribner
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