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Eva Longoria Opens Up About a ‘Desperate Housewives’ Reboot — Here’s What She Said

The eighth and final season of the hit ABC series Desperate Housewives may have aired over a decade ago, but that doesn’t mean Eva Longoria doesn’t miss it and wonders what could happen if creator Marc Cherry decided to bring the show back one day.

During an interview with host Mario Lopez on Access Hollywood, Longoria thought about what her character, Gabrielle Solis, would be doing in the present day. “She’d be an influencer for sure,” Longoria said. “She’d be like a social media mogul.”

When Lopez brought up the idea of a Desperate Housewives reboot, Longoria said she “would be the first to sign up.” She added: “I miss Gabby so much. I miss being Gabby Solis.”

Longoria, however, doesn’t think Cherry would be interested in revisiting the series. “I’ve talked to him several times,” she said. “He feels like there’s no why now? For the sake of a reboot, he wouldn’t do it. He feels like, ‘What do I have to say with these characters that we haven’t already fully mined?’”

Not only that, TV has changed so much since Desperate Housewives was on the air. With two dozen episodes per season, there wasn’t much the writers didn’t explore. “I come from the generation of 24 episodes a year for a decade of our lives,” Longoria said. “We fully mined those characters. There was nobody on the street that was left to sleep with. I slept with everybody. I was like, ‘Uh, what do we do now?’”

Longoria added: “Twenty years ago we were saying something about ageism and saying something about being a housewife, and it was shocking. There’s a lot of things we said and did that [were] groundbreaking, and I don’t think it is now. Now, it’s like the norm.”

Eva Longoria is currently doing press rounds to promote her new film Flamin’ Hot.