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Eva Longoria Follows Stanley Tucci’s ‘Searching for Italy’ With ‘Searching for Mexico’

Mexico shines in the new trailer for Eva Longoria in Searching for Mexico.

The trailer features images of the actress, producer, director, and activist visiting Mexico City, Yucatan, Oaxaca, Nuevo León, Jalisco, and Veracruz and exploring her Mexican roots through traditional flavors and dishes such as the mole, cochinita pibil, carne asada, and birria, among others.

“I don’t know the secret to happiness. All I know is that every time I eat Mexican food, I’m happy, ” a joyous Longoria proclaims at the beginning of the trailer, later joking she needs a t-shirt that reads “More salsa!” while enjoying herself some tacos.

We see the Mexican-American Texas native wandering Mexican streets in Searching for Mexico and enjoying all kinds of foods. At the same time, locals teach her how to prepare and properly eat the country’s most delicious dishes.

Longoria calls the chefs and cooks she encounters “artistas.” She expresses her amazement at how Mexican people are “so secure in who they are and where they come from” and how she thinks this makes them “amazing storytellers.” 

Searching for Mexico is a follow-up to Stanley Tucci’s Searching for Italy, and along with Eva Longoria, he also executive produced this new installment of the show. In the docuseries, Longoria will also explore how the people, the land, and the past have shaped the diverse culinary tradition in Mexican territory.

The series will have six episodes and, according to CNN, will show how Longoria “unlocks the secrets behind Mexico’s most treasured and sometimes surprising dishes.”

Searching for Mexico series will air on Sundays starting March 26 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on CNN.