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Emancipator Collaborates with Koresma on Serene Single “Cherry Blossom”

Today, we have a track for you that will lift your spirits and put your mind at ease. “Cherry Blossom,” created by downtempo icon, Emancipator, and rising electronic virtuoso, Koresma, is exactly the gem we needed to keep us going at the end of the busy week.

Peaceful, relaxed, and serene are just a few words to describe how “Cherry Blossom” makes us feel. Emancipator and Koresma carefully crafted this track to include both chilled-out sections, and more upbeat breakthroughs, while still feeling like a cohesive listening journey.  The duo’s incorporation of reverby vocal chops and tasteful guitar riffs add variety and intrigue to the track’s already diverse production style.

You can stream “Cherry Blossom” at the link below, out everywhere via Emancipator’s Loci Records. Enjoy!

Emancipator & Koresma – Cherry Blossom

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