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Matroda gives house music serious lift on ‘In The Air’

Born and raised in Croatia, Matroda, armed with an unquenchable creative spirit and an inherent knack for rhythm, has etched his name in the annals of tech house and the wider dance music scene. His recent release, “In The Air,” embodies this artistic prowess.

Released on his own label, Terminal Underground, “In The Air” is a house anthem that guides the listener through an auditory adventure. Central to this club and festival-ready track is the “Matrodasound,” Matroda’s unique sonic fingerprint, marked by exhilarating buildups, high-energy effects, and more. This is music designed not just to be heard, but to be experienced. The track echoes Matroda’s signature keyboard-led progressions, a captivating blend of classic house elements seamlessly intertwining with a throbbing bass line that builds up a lush soundscape of rhythm and melody, amplified by an uplifting vocal that resonates with warmth and emotional depth.