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Eliminate Shares Highly Anticipated Debut Album ‘Get Off The Internet’

Over the course of his career thus far, Eliminate has crafted a reputation as not only one of the most top tier bass producers in the scene, but also as a charismatic YouTuber with a dedicated fanbase. His music perfectly embodies the energy he exudes, and truly never fails to get our heads bobbin’.

After a long string of singles and EPs since he first started in 2012, Eliminate finally gives his fans what they have been hoping for – his immaculate debut album. Get Off The Internet exceeded every expectation we could have had for the producer’s first album. It’s dynamic, dancey, and gives proper attention to both its most chill and most rave-forward moments.

On the meaning behind the album name, Eliminate commented:

My SoundCloud location has said ‘internet’ since the early 2010s, I finally decided to log off, and make an album.

You can stream Get Off The Internet at the link below. Enjoy!

Eliminate – Get Off The Internet

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