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Did You Know That Camila Cabello Will Be Acting In “Cinderella” The Movie?

The Cuban-American artist, Camila Cabello, has announced that she will be portraying Cinderella in the upcoming Cinderella movie.

She has been teasing the project on her social media accounts, Twitter, to be specific. She has recently tweeted more updates about it, mentioning that the movie will be out on September the 3rd on Amazon Prime.

The 24-year-old Pop sensation has taken part in several movies and series portraying herself or a character. 

I think there is no need to discuss her discography, as her projects all have an immense number of streams and views. 

Cabello’s hits include: “Havana,” “Liar,” “Senorita,” “Shameless,” and “Worth It,” among many others. 

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Check out her iconic hit “Havana” below: