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Cristian Marchi drops Eurodance single ‘Fast Cars & Superstars’

Cristian Marchi’s storied career began during the early 2000s electronic wave that brought European sounds to US shores. The Italian progressive house, electro and house music producer and DJ, has been prolific since 2004 with a string of chart topping Euro house releases that stay true to the quintessential, guilt-free hedonic ethos of the European party circuit. His latest “Fast Cars and Superstars” keeps that spirit alive with a delightfully self aware top line from Reverend Haus that tees the whole thing up as a hands in the air, peak time bumper. Bouncy, house-y, and fun in a way that doesn’t take itself too seriously, Marchi blends Ital-disco, progressive house and a Eurovision worthy top line in a track that will make you love it whether you like it or not.

Marchi’s scope of work is deep and so is his style; check out his other single from 2023 – “Strange World”