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C​​ristian Allexis Reveals A Magical New Single “Constelacion de Lunares”

Incredibly talented singer-songwriter Cristian Allexis is releasing a brand new single titled “Constelacion de Lunares.” Fusing Bolero and Bachata through his very own aesthetics, the established artist once again shines with raw talent and incredible performing skills in this new single.

Christian Allexis’s popularity skyrocketed following multiple performances under the act Cristian Allexis & Urbanova, from The Dominican Republic formed in 2011 and directed by Anibal Coronado with lyrics and vocals by Cristian Allexis. Sharing diverse cultures with audiences worldwide, the band loves to alternate between and merge multiple styles including Bachata, Bolero, Son, Fuson, and adding to it colors of Pop to ultimately resulting in World Latin folk.

This experience has led Cristian Allexis to share the stage with icons of the genre like Jarabe de Palo, Prophetic Culture, Familia Andre, Wason Brazoban, Victor Manuelle and Chino & Nacho.

With “Constelacion de Lunares,” it is most certain that his popularity will continue rising at lighting speed thanks to his truly unmatchable fusion of genres and brilliant vocal mastery.

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