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Converse: A Love Letter

I have been in a relationship with Converse for more than half of my life. It runs in my family: I remember my dad’s stash of cream high tops sitting in a row in his closet in varying degrees of scruffiness. For my part, I never committed to one color—bright white, everyday black, and a pop of red have all been staples for me over the years. With the rise of designer sneakers, others tried to steal my heart. As I got older and reached higher levels—and often higher heels—in my professional life, I wondered if it was time to leave the shoes that had become my signature to my teenage years and younger adult life. The thing about Converse, though, is you really can’t live without them. Not only is there a Chuck Taylor for every occasion, they bring a coolness to every outfit whether you are looking for a basic tennis shoe to wear under trousers or the perfect sneaker to take a dress down a notch. It’s why we always stash an emergency pair in trunks for any shoot for Vogue. And, if you need more inspiration, seeing Vice President-elect, Kamala Harris, in her Chucks will certainly do the trick. The now signature shoe choice of the Vice President-elect has only increased my all-time love of the All Star.

In a year when many of us are reaching for our tried-and-trues, swapping high heels for down-to-earth flats, and generally honing in on not only what we want to wear but also what’s practical and joy-inducing—I can’t help but think of my, and the most powerful woman in the world’s, favorite sneakers. And, more importantly, re-stock. Because some of my pairs have seen better days. That’s the thing about Chucks, they really last. When I look at my dirtiest pair, I think about the miles we’ve traveled together as sentimental as it sounds. I wonder if the VP-elect has similar campaign-trail memories associated with hers, given how much of the country they covered together. Or, perhaps she holds the pair she wore when she met her husband, the soon-to-be Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff, most dear. Emhoff told Jane Pauley of “CBS Sunday Morning,” “This wasn’t just something she started doing on the campaign. When I met her, it was Chucks and jeans.” Looking at your Converse is like looking at your old passport full of stamps. And even though most of us Converse diehards abhor too fresh a pair, I think for me it’s time to separate mine by work Chucks and weekend Chucks. That’s how I’ve decided to keep this decades long relationship going.The only question left? Which color to restock first.

Converse Chuck Taylor high-top sneakers



Converse Chuck Taylor All Star high-top sneakers



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Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Core Ox sneakers