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Con Cook Shares Title Track From Debut EP ‘Take Time’

East-London-based artist, Con Cook, makes his TSIS debut today with a track we couldn’t help but love. Cook’s unique blend of hip-hop and garage, coupled with production from close friend and collaborator, myfriendfinn, creates a truly memorable product.

Take Time” is the title track from the rising artist’s debut EP, and establishes the emotive tone for the five tracks that follow it. It is evident that Con Cook put a lot of deep thought into the lyrics in “Take Time,” evoking complex messages in a simplistic, sing-a-long manner. myfriendfinn brings the track to a close with a sample-filled, saturated groove.

Con Cook spoke about the track and its accompanying EP, sharing:

This project is a sonic embodiment of the last 8 months of my life. An extremely turbulent period that has brought with it a many changes, lessons, pain and a lot of beautiful moments with those closest to me. If nothing else, I want my music to be honest and authentic and I’m proud to reflect on my first body of work and hear that back. I’m nothing without those around me. The music is influenced not only by what I’ve been listening to, but by the people I’ve connected and worked with in that period as well. I think this project is quite a personal timestamp for me. It speaks both lyrically and sonically on where I am at the moment. I’m working hard. I’m embracing a lot of change and ultimately I’m still figuring everything out. It’s imperfect, and I like that about it.

You can stream “Take Time” at the link below. Enjoy!

Con Cook – Take Time

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