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Empire Of The Sun End 8 Year Hiatus With New Single “Changes”

If there was ever a doubt that the era of indie sleaze is back, it’s been officially confirmed now. Empire Of The Sun, the iconic trend-setting band from the late aughts, is back.

Although remixes of their greatest hits consistently grace dance floors everywhere, it’s been almost 8 years since we got an album from them. Today, they kick off a new era with lead single “Changes.”

This new tune demonstrates their growth as artists while still retaining the nostalgic elements from their biggest songs. Their signature layered vocals and retro keys pair with a modern beat while glimmers of guitar shine through hazy synth washes. The immersive soundscape feels triumphant, joyful, and warm, and we never want to leave it.

Here’s what they had to say about their new music, which kicks off a new chapter for them.

“Changes represents the shifting sands of time, empires rise and fall but the sun shall shine on. Come once more into the world we’ve created, delve deeper within and be rewarded with its ever-expanding story, each and every one is invited to explore the new era…Changes was a breakthrough track for us. It felt like the moment of clarity when it became evident we were in the new era, our time of rebirth, the next chapter of Empire.”

It’s only a matter of time before this song takes over airwaves everywhere, so make sure to be one of the first to take a listen. You can check it out below. Enjoy!

Empire Of The Sun – Changes

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