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Christian Chavez Takes Over Anahí’s Singing Parts in Brazil After Her Health Scare

RBD wrapped up their Brazil dates in an unexpected way. The Mexican group was set to perform six shows at the Allianz Parque in São Paulo, Brazil (Nov. 12 to 19). However, due to health complications, Anahí didn’t perform on Nov. 18. The result? Christian Chavez pulled double duty, taking over the Mexican superstar’s parts and wardrobe looks, giving their Brazilian fans a unique concert to remember.

On Fri. (Nov. 17), Anahí couldn’t close out the sixth show in São Paulo. Due to a severe kidney infection and suffering from body aches and fever, the “Me Hipnotisas” singer had to exit the show four songs before it was over in an ambulance

“My heart is in pieces because it is really the last thing I would have wanted,” she wrote online after leaving the stage that night. “I have had several days with unbearable pain in my ribs, back and head. Very high fever and chills. According to the blood tests and ultrasound performed, I have a severe infection in my kidneys, a lot of inflammation and pain.” She ended up having to cancel her appearance on the following tour date (Nov. 18) due to her doctor’s orders.

The next day (Nov. 18), Chavez transformed himself to perform the iconic song “Sálvame,” not only by singing Anahí’s parts but also by wearing Mia Colucci-approved looks. During songs like “Así Soy Yo” and “Otro Día Que Va,” Chavez went on stage wearing a light pink bralette paired with hot pink pants with a seemingly mini skirt attached to it. During the band’s last song “Rebelde,” he wore a denim style of the mini skirt-pants garment. 

On the last tour date in Brazil (Nov. 19), Anahí was able to perform the full show and ended their São Paulo dates on a high note. After the concert, she published a video saying it was important for her to say goodbye to Brazil in a positive way with the rest of the RBD members, instead of the images that were circulating on Friday.

She also recapped what happened in an Instagram post, where she wrote: “These were days of many emotions. What happened to my health scared us. I didn’t understand anything. I was perfect, and suddenly, I couldn’t move because of the pain.”

She continued: “The last thing I wanted was to get into an ambulance, [but I held out] until I couldn’t bear it anymore. Medicines do their job, of course! But I also believe a lot in the power of the intention that we put in life and in the way we take everything that may happen. Here I am. I made it! I was able to give this show with mis hermanos that I love so much and enjoy it with everything! Thank you for every message for every word of love. 💖”

RBD will continue their world tour’s last tour leg in Mexico. Their next date is Monterrey, Mexico, on Nov. 23.