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Beyonce Fan Ejected From Concert in Most Dramatic Way Possible

Imagine getting kicked out of a Beyoncé concert… and going viral for it.

That’s what happened to one fan who was ejected from the floor section near the barricade at Bey’s Tottenham Hotspur Stadium Renaissance Tour stop in London.

A bystander recorded a video of the moment a group of security guards yanked a fan from the crowd as their companion protested, looking distraught.

Many people in the area looked visibly annoyed, and the person who was protesting the fan’s removal melodramatically reached their hand out over the barricade toward the fan — all while Beyoncé performed her dramatic show opener, “Dangerously in Love,” to the tune of thundering drums and swelling orchestral music.

Yes, the fan was kicked out during the first song.

“Omg first song Beyonce sings and this happens right next to me! This is the wildest thing I have seen from this show so far! Mayhem but she still slays!” the person who posted the video on TikTok wrote in the caption.

Watch the dramatic saga unfold, below:

“When you’re just tryna appreciate the queen and a fight breaks out,” another concertgoer shared in a TikTok video showing a different angle of the incident, implying the fan who got kicked out was involved in some sort of audience altercation.

The cinematic drama of it all was not lost on anyone in the comments on TikTok.

“The way he looked back so dramatically before [being] taken away,” someone wrote in the comments alongside laughing emojis.

“A round of applause to the cameraman. We got Beyoncé singing, the whole tossing out, the friend’s reaction,” another commented.

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“The eye contact of deep betrayal as he was dragged away was such drama love it,” someone else noted.

“Him pretending to be distressed while also now being at the barrier spot is killing me,” a fan commented, pointing out the irony of the situation since many comments alluded to the ordeal being sparked by a fight over nabbing a barricade spot in front of the stage.

“Allegedly, he hit a girl, but the girl who said it was beefing with them because they got there late and told them to move, so a fight broke off,” another user explained in the comment.

Meanwhile, it’s possible Queen Bey herself was just as entertained by the drama, as one person pointed out, “Not Beyoncé peeping the drama.”

“RIGHT!!! She was defo side-eyeing!!” the TikTok creator who posted the original video replied.

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