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Young M.A. Brings Out The Freaks With IG Live Twerk Contest

At a time when everyone is going live online to combat loneliness and boredom from social distancing, artists like are still living their best life—only virtually.

On Thursday (Mar 26), went live on Instagram to talk to her fans and show fans love. When one fan asked what she missed most during the quarantine, that’s when things took a freaky turn.

”What do I miss during lockdown? The motherf*cking strip club,” Young M.A. said reading comments from fans. “Matter of fact let’s do something different, how many of ya’ll ladies down to twerk? I’ll bless ya cashapp?”

It was at that point that the “ turned Club Quarantine into a .

“In order to participate, you can’t have been on here before and you have to be as soon as we get to you,” Young M.A. said outlining the rules. “Let’s go!”

After the rules were outlined, the ladies turned up and turned out, twerking live on camera while Young M.A.’s protege and friend Reem playing DJ.

”Reem going to put on the hits ladies, ya’ll just be ready to go,” Young M.A. said.

Young M.A. isn’t the first rapper that attempted to turn IG Live X-rated, earlier this week Lil’ Boosie went live offering female fans up to $1000 to show their lady parts online, before being warned by Instagram that the request would result in his page being shut down.

Although the “Kold World” rapper got it jumping, she made sure to let the ladies know to keep it covered.

“We want to see ass cheeks, but that’s it ladies,” Young M.A. continued. “We aren’t trying to get shut down.”

Check out the NSFW booty clapping shenanigans below.




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