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You Won’t Believe Who Madonna’s First Special Guest Was in Mexico City

Over the weekend, Madonna’s Celebration Tour touched down in Mexico City. For her first two concerts in Mexico, the queen of pop had special guests that no one expected.

Madonna is honoring the 40th anniversary of her music career with the Celebration Tour. She performs many of her greatest hits on this tour, including the 1990 classic “Vogue.” During that part of the concert, Madonna usually brings out a special guest to join onstage. With past guests like Cardi B, queer ballroom pioneer Jose Gutierez Xtravaganza, Euphoria star Alexa Demi, and Ricky Martin, there’s no telling who will come out for her next performance of “Vogue.”

On April 20, Madonna kicked off her first of five concerts at the Palacio de los Deportes in Mexico City. There’s been a lot of speculation about which Mexican celebrities she will bring out during “Vogue.” Madonna shocked her fans with her first special guest in Mexico. On Saturday night, she invited Mexican comedian Guillermo Rodriguez to join on the stage’s runway. Rodriguez is most known for working his way up from security guard to appearing regularly on the Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Online, many of Madonna’s Mexican fans had something to say about her first guest in Mexico City. One person on X wrote, “Not Madonna bringing Jimmy Kimmel’s Guillermo to the concert in Mexico City, b**ch, almost no one knows him in the country because that program is not even shown here, no mames.” Another person added, “It seems right to me that Madonna brought  out Guillermo, he is a good man who is very funny.” 

For her second night in Mexico City, Madonna brought out Cuban actor Alberto Guerra, known for appearing in Narcos: Mexico and recently Griselda. There are three more nights of the Celebration Tour in Mexico to see who will be her next special guests.