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You Can Now Stream ReUp By Scribbles Who

Another finely balanced single by Scribbles Who has been released! The song “ReUp,” which includes King Hoodie, is a great mix of music, lyrics, and visuals working altogether in harmony. Because of the artist’s impeccable taste, the ideal R&B-soul combo leads to the most gorgeous tunes. Scribbles Who sings for change by shedding the old, and rising to something new with her beautiful voice. 

Scribbles urges her audience to never give up and to break free from the “cage we are born into.” One thing is certain: there is never a dull moment in her music. Scribbles Who’s art always has depth, meaning, and individuality. This is the kind of artistic magic that artists like Alicia Keys are known for, and it’s likely to leave fans eager to hear what Scribbles creates next. And, while it’s still early in the year, we’re confident that “REUP” will be one of the finest songs released in 2022.

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