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Yes, Harry Styles’ Temporary Bassist Is Venezuelan – Here’s What We Know

Since early July, the Venezuelan LA-based bassist Valeria Falcón has been buzzing online for playing alongside the popular English singer-songwriter Harry Styles. The freelance artist has been subbing for Styles’ bassist for seven dates during a span of two weeks in Europe. But who is she exactly? This is what we know as of right now about the emerging artist.


In a recent interview, she said: “It all started because the bass player that is playing with them right now couldn’t make certain dates. She knew me through Instagram and we had exchanged users and so on, and in the end, she recommended me to Harry’s musical director. The musical director showed the video of me to Harry, he saw it, and kind of liked how I played.”

She continued: “It was like a vibe thing.”

“Got to be at @bbcradio1 big weekend on bass for the amazing @harrystyles and his band ??. So much fun and so grateful for this opportunity,” she wrote in an Instagram post. “Subbing for the killer @_basselin ❤️‍?. Just processing what has been happening, ufff what a crazy ride!”

Twitter users are excited to see a Latine artist playing with the mainstream pop star. One fan wrote: “HARRY SAYING VALERIA FALCON MY GOD JDJAKKAKAKAJDJAJ I LOVE YOU VENEZUELA.”


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♬ Cool Kids (Sped-Up Version) – Echosmith

It looks like it’s been a dream come true for Falcón. A week ago on TikTok, she posted a photo of herself as a child with a bass, captioning it: “This is to my younger self, who never gave up despite all the obstacles she had to go through.” She paired the photo with a video of her now playing with Styles with text reading: “Yesterday I played my second show with Harry and the band.”

Before sharing the stage with the “Watermelon Sugar” singer, Falcón performed with various artists such as the Venezuelan-born Miami-based artist Maye who opened for The Marias’ tour earlier this year, and the Mexican-American artist Alaina Castillo. Before that, Falcon studied music at Berklee College of Music with a full scholarship, where she graduated in 2021. 

But now that she’s working with Harry Styles, we’re excited to see what doors will open for the Venezuelan!