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Woman Who Scammed Daddy Yankee Fans With Fake Tickets Speaks Out

After 7,000 Daddy Yankee fans were scammed with fake tickets recently in Peru, national police identified Pamela Cabanillas Soley as the prime suspect. On Monday (Oct. 24), Cabanillas identified herself as the scam artist in an interview, explaining what happened to all the money from the fake ticket sales.

Daddy Yankee’s La Última Vuelta World Tour visited Peru on Oct. 18 and 19. Before one of the concerts, about 7,000 people were not allowed into the Estadio Nacional de Lima because they had purchased fake tickets or tickets that had already been sold. According to the Peruvian national police, Cabanillas created a ticket resale system where she made about half a million dollars. One ticket on the site was sold more than 360 times to different buyers. The 18-year-old fled the country afterward.

In an interview with the Peruvian program “Panorama,” Cabanillas confessed to the crime of scamming the 7,000 Daddy Yankee fans. From her unknown location in Europe, she also revealed what happened to the money that she made.

“I accept my mistake,” Cabanillas said. “I scammed many people without thinking about the consequences. I apologize to the people I’ve caused a lot of harm to. Unfortunately, they will not be able to recover their money because I have already spent it.”

Cabanillas said that she spent the money from the fake tickets on expensive shoes and clothes and eating at restaurants. With Interpol reportedly closing in on her, she posted a letter on Instagram saying that she planned to turn herself over to European authorities. In a video that surfaced on Tuesday, she indicated that she turned herself in to authorities in Italy. 

“I want to communicate that I am surrendering to the European authorities in Milano, Italy. October 24, 2022. Thank you,” Cabanillas Soley said in the video.