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Woman Not Invited to Cousin’s Wedding Because She Has OnlyFans

A woman claims she wasn’t invited to her cousin’s wedding because she had OnlyFans, which her cousin creepily subscribed to.

“So quick story about a wedding I wasn’t invited to. My cousin and his girlfriend got married sometime in February and every other member of my family was invited except for me, which I thought was weird but to each their own,” the woman wrote on Facebook, according to The Daily Mail.

The woman confronted her cousin and the bride-to-be about not getting an invite. During the ensuing argument she was informed she wasn’t invited due to her OnlyFans account, where she had posted nude photos and video content.

The woman’s cousin’s bride also threatened to expose her OnlyFans to her entire family.

“The text she sends threatening me was super specific and it had me wondering why she knew about it,” the woman shared.

When she searched through her subscribers list, she was shocked by what she found.

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“Turns out one of them was my cousin on a fake account. So evidently I wasn’t invited to this wedding because my cousin’s a weirdo who watches porn of his cousin. I hate it here,” the woman continued.

In an update, the woman added that so far, her OnlyFans hasn’t been exposed to her family, but she’s still not invited to the wedding.

“When my mom and aunt called her out on not inviting me to the wedding, she claimed it was because I was in the process of buying a home and wouldn’t be able to get her a gift so it didn’t ‘seem worth it. But now after finding all this out I’m assuming it had something to do with the fact that her husband has watched literal porn of me,” she explained.

She added that she has since stopped using “OnlyFans altogether” due to the awkward situation.

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