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Who Is Bianca Graulau, the Reporter From Bad Bunny’s Docu-Music Video ‘El Apagón’?

Meet Bianca Graulau, the woman at the center of the viral docu-music video superstar Bad Bunny released last week. El Apagón begins with a music video followed by a nearly-20-minute documentary called “Aquí Vive Gente” about the gentrification, displacement, and abandonment of Puerto Ricans on the island.

Graulau is an independent Puerto Rican journalist providing all the information for the documentary portion of the video. After Bad Bunny takes viewers on a tour of Puerto Rico, which includes an introduction to many of his fellow countrymen and women, Graulau, who was born and raised in Puerto Rico, steps in to drop some facts on the audience.

She begins at the dinner table of a group of Puerto Ricans talking about how they are witnessing native Puerto Ricans being displaced because of two acts the Puerto Rican government enacted in 2012.

In a TikTok video posted on Saturday (September 17), Graulau, who graduated from Syracuse University with a double major in broadcast journalism and political science, confirmed that it was her in Bad Bunny’s music video and urged people to watch it and “learn about some of the biggest issues facing Puerto Ricans right now,” including constant electrical outages, displaced communities, and the challenge residents are facing to keep their beaches public.


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“I am so honored that you guys think of me when you think about these issues,” Graulau said in the video. “I’m honored that Bad Bunny thought of me and that he had this crazy idea to give us this platform.”

To create the documentary, Bianca Graulau said it took “months of investigative journalism” with a talented team working alongside her. “It is the type of journalism that I dreamed of doing and it is possible thanks to you who have supported me on this path,” she added in an Instagram message. “And I have the great joy of doing it on this land and with my people.”