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What Happened to Pedro Pascal’s Arm at The Golden Globes?

The 2024 awards season is officially underway. The Golden Gobles were the first major award of the year, and Pedro Pascal was one of the biggest stars everyone was expecting to see during the red carpet. But Pascal’s red-carpet look didn’t make waves for the designer, but because of one unexpected addition.

Pascal was wearing a support shoulder immobilizer during the awards. People first noticed he was wearing the arm sling during New Year’s.

Not just that, Pascal seems to have taken care to match his arm sling to his outfit, which might just be the most Pedro Pascal thing ever. It’s one thing to be injured, but one must never lose their sense of style.

According to an ER doctor who spoke to Remezcla, Pascal’s arm sling could be the result of either a shoulder dislocation that requires the shoulder to be immobilized or a recent surgery that requires the same. Considering that Pascal has been wearing the sling since at least New Year’s, one possibility raised by the ER doctor was a rotator cuff surgery, which would require the sling for at least a couple of weeks.

People were quick to point out that Pascal was still serving, even while injured.

And though there was some concern about his future schedule, people were mostly just worried about Pedro’s health and well-being.

But the funniest part was how Pedro was just Pedro, even while injured. As proof, there’s his nails, which spelled OUCH. Yeah, we’re betting it hurts. Here’s to a speedy recovery.