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We Finally Know What the Mystery Robots on Shakira’s Music Videos Meant

Well, Shakira fans, it looks like we finally have the answer to one of the fandom’s biggest questions this week: What’s up with the robots? Eagle-eyed Shakira fans noticed the mysterious robots that appeared to be photoshopped into Shakira’s music video thumbnails on her official Youtube Account. And now we know the reason behind it: Shakira has announced her futuristic new single, “Te Felicito,” featuring none other than Rauw Alejandro

Announcing the collaboration on Twitter, the Colombian singer shared the pre-save link and single artwork, which features her clad in a robotic outfit (almost identical to that of the robots from the thumbnails), posing alongside Rauw, who also wears a robotic harness. The “Todo De Ti” singer also shared the collaboration announcement, retweeting Shakira’s announcement with robot emojis. “Te Felicito” is dropping on April 22. 

“Te Felicito” will be Shakira’s latest song since last year’s “Don’t Wait Up” and first Spanish-language song since 2020’s “Me Gusta,” a collaboration with Anuel AA.

The announcement of two titans of the industry collaborating obviously had Twitter up in flames, with Shakira and “Te Felicito” trending on Twitter in multiple countries. One Twitter user shared their (relatable) prediction for the song’s appearance on their Spotify Wrapped.

A user reminded us that Shakira and Rauw are geniuses in their respective musical fields, so their collaboration seems predestined to be a hit.

If you’re a fan of “Chantaje” featuring Maluma and Shakira’s “I Like It” Superbowl Performance, you’ll know that this user is referring to her excellent ability to pick out only the finest talent to collaborate with.

One user called for this release to inspire a long-awaited influx of love for Shakira’s return.

“Te Felicito” has all the makings of 2022’s first song of the summer — we can’t wait to lose our minds dancing to it on April 22.