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WATCH: Terrifying Dancing Monja Goes Viral at Mexico Carnival

A frightening character in Durango, Mexico, is turning heads these days – and just in time for Halloween. She’s known as La Monja en la Feria Nacional Durango (The Nun at the Durango National Fair) and she’s equal parts terrifying and entertaining.

La Monja has gone viral over the last few weeks in videos that feature her dancing for attendees of the local carnival. In the videos, she is dancing at the center of a spinning carnival ride dressed in a traditional habit with a large crucifix around her neck. The demonic face and teeth are what confirm that she’s dressed as Valak, the demon nun from Conjuring 2 and The Nun 1 and 2, the latter of which just released this fall.

TikTok users went crazy when La Monja began trending. “That Nun a whole vibe,” one person commented on one of the videos. Another wrote, “This video lives in my mind rent free.”

In some videos, La Monja welcomes others to dance with her at the center of the carnival ride. Looks dangerous and fun to us.

In one video that has received over 12 million views, La Monja is joined by other scary characters like Michael Myers from the Halloween movie franchise and a creepy alien. We wonder if that alien is related to the aliens that were supposedly dug up in Peru and brought into Congress in Mexico City.

La Monja even has baby nuns helping keep fair-goers talking about the weird and wonderful attraction.

She’s even invited someone dressed like the Pope to show off his dance moves. We guess there’s no exorcism planned anytime soon.

We’re not sure what La Monja has planned next, but it’s obvious her dance card is full.