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WATCH: Shakira’s Sons Sing With Her in Emotional “Acróstico” Music Video

Shakira’s sons have musical talent, just like their mom. Sasha and Milan appear with the Colombian icon in the emotional music video for “Acróstico,” released today (May 15).

Ahead of Mother’s Day, Shakira released her latest song, “Acróstico,” last week. She dedicated the beautiful ballad to her sons. In her vulnerable lyrics, she thanked them for making her believe in love again following her split from their father, Gerard Piqué. The lyric video showed a mother bird caring for her two baby birds in a nest.

Now Shakira has released the music video “Acróstico.” It was reportedly filmed as she prepared to move from the house she shared with Piqué in Barcelona. It’s the home where Sasha and Milan grew up with their parents. Among boxes packed with memories, Shakira is joined by Sasha and Milan at the piano. Her boys play the piano and also sing the emotional song with her. In an Instagram post, Shakira shared that her sons wanted to join her in the music video for the touching moment.

“This year Milan has written songs that made me cry with emotion, and Sasha has spent hours at the piano, discovering his voice,” she wrote in Spanish. “Milan and Sasha, it’s so nice to see how they’re spreading their wings to start realizing their dreams! There is nothing that makes me feel more fulfilled than being their mother.”

Shakira has her fans in their feels after releasing the “Acróstico” music video. On Twitter, one person wrote in Spanish, “Goodbye I’m going to keep crying! My heart can’t take it. Thank you Shakira I love you so much #Acrostico with Milan and Sasha.” Another person wrote, “Milan and Sasha the next kings of the industry.”

Last week, Shakira was honored with the Latin Woman of the Year Award at the Billboard Women in Latin Music event. She dedicated the award to her mom, her sons, and all the single mothers in the world. 

Check out the music video for “Acróstico” below.