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Cardi B & Kulture’s Bodyguard Riding Solo on Disneyland Teacups Goes Viral

When your job is to protect a high-profile celebrity, you must always be alert, even when taking a twirl on an amusement park ride.

This was the case with a member of Cardi B’s security detail when she and her 3-year-old daughter Kulture visited Disneyland last weekend. In a video that has since gone viral with nearly 10 million views, Cardi and Kulture are seen taking a spin on the Mad Tea Party, the park’s world-famous teacup ride. One of her bodyguards was along for the ride, riding solo inside another teacup near them.

As Cardi and Kulture smiled and spun around in their oversized pink and white teacup, the unidentified bodyguard rode a white, gold, and teal-colored teacup with floral designs. Although we could argue that there’s absolutely no way anyone wouldn’t let out at least one chuckle on the ride, the bodyguard kept a straight face as his teacup rotated.

In another photo, Cardi and Kulture are also seen on Snow White’s Enchanted Wish ride, although her security isn’t seen in that photo. Cardi and Kulture are riding in the car marked “Dopey,” the name of one of the seven dwarfs from the 1937 animated film.

Another viral talking point was Kulture’s outfit by Balenciaga.

The entire mini-ensemble is said to cost about $2,400. While there were some critics poking fun at Cardi for dressing her toddler in such expensive clothes, most people thought Kulture looked adorable.

Because when you’re Kulture, else are you going to wear besides a diamond-studded watch when riding a flying Dumbo anyway?