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WATCH: Rita Moreno Mocks Donald Trump During ‘The View’ & Leaves Hosts in Hysterics

EGOT winner Rita Moreno sharply criticized former President Donald Trump during an appearance on The View. The comments came as Moreno discussed the comparison between Trump’s 91 criminal charges and President Biden’s age of 81. 

Moreno also had some jokes, like one she shared that came from a deli she visited in Los Angeles. It was the recipe for a Trump Sandwich, which, as Moreno described it, consisted of: “Two slices of bread. Wait a minute …two slices of white bread. Bologna. And a very small pickle.”

That joke left the hosts laughing hysterically. But Moreno also got serious, making her stance on the next election very clear. “Let me say this, and it’s very succinct and to the point: I am not about to vote for someone who has 91 indictments against for criminal activity.”

Former President Trump faces 91 criminal charges across four different indictments. Two of them are related to his alleged efforts to overturn the 2020 election. The third one is related to allegations of wilful retention of classified information and obstruction of federal efforts to retrieve the documents. The fourth relates to alleged hush money payments.

In an interview with The Hill, Moreno also talked about President Biden’s age. “I think people are mistaking something of President Biden,” Moreno told The Hill. “I think that because he walks like an elderly person — which he does — they don’t think this is working,” she said, adding that “They don’t understand anything about old age.”

Rita Moreno, who is 92, recently appeared in the Netflix holiday movie Family Switch. She also had roles on Fast X and 80 for Brady, as well as Princess Power. She is set to be one of the presenters at the next Academy Awards gala, which is set to air on ABC on March 10th at 7ET/4 PT.