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WATCH: ‘Poolside Karen’ Racist Comments Just Got Worse Thanks to New Police Bodycam Footage

It’s been two months since a video of Colorado woman Blair Featherman went viral for the racist tirade she unleashed against a Latine family for having a party at the public swimming pool in her neighborhood during the July 4 weekend.

Now, more footage of Featherman, who has since been dubbed “Poolside Karen,” has been released from that day at the pool. Bodycam video from Lakewood Police offers more detail about the altercation between Featherman and the group of Latines.

For those who don’t recall, Featherman was upset the group had more guests at the pool than the policy allegedly allowed. “You have a f—king Mexican party in the pool,” she says angrily. She also calls the family “trash” and “low-class slime.”

In the bodycam footage, Featherman tells the cops that she believes the Latine partygoers are in a gang. She also alleges someone in the party stole her flip-flops. “I’m sure they would because they’ve never had anything so nice,” she says. A few seconds later, she finds her flip-flops.

In another part of the bodycam footage, Featherman is heard saying that the members of the party are going to “get away with everything because they’re Latinos.”

She also tells an officer, “I’m not usually racist at all. But I’ll tell you what, they come in, and they come in for their party, they’re trashy, they’re nasty, and they don’t belong here. I pay for this.”

Two independent witnesses told police that it was Featherman who instigated the confrontation. “She said some weird, super racist s–t, got really aggressive,” one man told police. Another Latina woman who was not a guest at the party also told police that Featherman told her to “go back to Mexico.”