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WATCH: Peso Pluma & Eladio Carrión Party Like Rockstars on “77” Music Video

Peso Pluma and Eladio Carrión are transcending genre barriers with their latest corrido tumbado. To further embrace the song’s moment, the rappers released the official music video for their recent collaboration, “77” (May 8).

The fresh track embodies a celebrity’s dream life: it talks about living a luxurious life with an abundance of work. With “77,” the two created a corrido tumbado earworm that highlights each of their distinctive signature flows. Now, with the video, it takes the “party like a rockstar” mood a step further.

The music video, directed by Jose Ovi Jimenez, instantly sets an IDGAF attitude with sensual dancers shaking their booties on Peso Pluma’s band members’ faces. Scenes show Peso driving an expensive car throughout the streets of L.A. while being caressed by a woman passenger. Another scene captures both artists showing off their sparkling jewelry as they sing about their expensive Rolex watches. Carrión then comes in with his hard-hitting verse about being the connection and about not needing to trust anyone if he has his glock. Towards the end of the video, we see the artists enjoying the fruits of their labor in a crowded studio that’s lit.

Fans are continuing to praise the new collaboration. A YouTube user, Víctor Axotla, wrote: “Excellent collaboration. They accomplished a good flow.” Another YouTube user, VIDMAK, wrote to Peso Pluma: “Good for you compa, I hope you keep doing more songs in other genres.”

All eyes are currently on Peso Pluma. His hit collaboration “Ella Baila Sola’ with Eslabon Armado remains on Billboard’s top charts. It’s currently at No. 4 on Billboard’s Hot 100 and No. 2 on Billboard’s Global 200. On the latter chart, he’s also at the No. 3 position alongside Yng Lvcas for “La Bebe.”

What’s next for Peso Pluma? While nothing’s confirmed yet, during the first weekend of Coachella, DannyLux and him met for the first time. “This guey has a lot of fucking talent,” Peso said during the recorded interaction. “We’re going to make a song together. We already agreed to that.”

Watch the official music video for “77” below.