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WATCH: Nelly Furtado & Juanes Team Up Again for Latest Collaboration ‘Gala y Dalí’

Nelly Furtado is making her return to Latine music with an old friend. The Canadian superstar teamed up with Colombian singer Juanes for her nostalgic “Gala y Dalí” music video, released today (Mar. 29)

Furtado explored Latine music for the first time with Juanes in 2002 when they collaborated on the hit “Fotografía” from Juanes’ Un Día Normal album. Furtado and Juanes later worked together again in 2006 on the song “Te Busqué” for her Loose album. She is excited to reunite with him for her new single.

“Juanes and I share a special musical frequency together,” Furtado shared in a statement. “Our voices blend so magically. Working with him always feels like a natural, effortless fit. And in a way, ‘Gala y Dali’ celebrates 20-plus years since we released our first song together, ‘Fotografía.’”

The “Maneater” singer blends reggaeton beats with tropical Latine pop in “Gala y Dalí.” In the whimsical love song, Furtado and Juanes sing about a couple that shares a relationship like Spanish artist Salvador Dalí once did with his wife Gala. The two singers also shout out their homelands by inviting their lovers to Canada and Medellín, Colombia.

“For me it’s a profound delight to work with Nelly again,” Juanes said in a statement. “On this song, she takes me to a place of joy and light, that I could give myself an opportunity to break away from my sound, from what I play on the guitar, and go to a more Caribbean, more danceable sound, which Nelly also wanted to have in this song.”

The music video for “Gala y Dalí” shows Furtado and Juanes recording the song together in the studio. By the end, they share a sweet moment when Furtado pulls out an old photo of them from the 2002 ALMA Awards. Earlier this month, Furtado performed “Fotografía” with Juanes at his concert in Toronto. 

Check out the music video for “Gala y Dalí” below.