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samual cochrane

Samual Cochrane Releases A Brand New Debut Album, Drowning In Fire

Samual Cochrane drops his debut project ‘Drowning In Fire’.

From a young age, Cochrane has delved into music, finding curiosity in his father’s vintage albums. To Cochrane, music is a love language. It speaks in a different way to each person because no two loves are ever the same. 

Drowning In Fire is 14 joints that empower listeners as he speaks about heartache that is so acutely human. The track-list incorporates together the beauty of autobiographical storytelling, commentary on culture, and hope for a better tomorrow. 

Samual Cochrane’s style seems to be designed to heal or nourish listeners as he connects with his audience on a deeper level by sharing his own struggles and challenges of life. Check out the album below and treat yourself to a musical genius.