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WATCH: Miss Universe Faces Controversy for Leaked Video on Inclusivity

The Miss Universe Organization is under hot water today after a video leaked showing pageant leadership speaking negatively about some of its contestants.

Specifically, Miss Universe owner Anne Jakrajutatip is heard saying that although the organization is now allowing trans women, married and divorced women, women of different ages, and women of different body types to compete, they wouldn’t be winning.

“We’re going to accept everything – trans women, married women, fat women,” Jakrajutatip said on the leaked video from inside a boardroom meeting. “But they don’t understand. They think, ‘If I can compete, I can win.’ Between us, we know, they can compete, but they can’t win.”

At last year’s pageant, Camila Avella (Miss Colombia) and Michelle Cohn (Miss Guatemala), competed as married women with children. Rikkie Kollé (Miss Netherlands) also competed as a transgender woman.

Miss Universe released a statement calling the video an attempt to “smear” the organization and saying that the individuals who released the video “have engaged in the manipulation of digital content and the distortion of facts for personal gain.”

The organization added: “[We] stand as a beacon of empowerment and diversity, unwavering in our commitment to upholding cherished values.”

Jakrajutatip, who is a trans woman and mother herself, also released her own statement calling the leaked video a “malicious edited video … out of context and used to manipulate other people which led to the public confusion, misunderstanding, misinterpretation and wrong conclusion.”

She added: “We always have the strong, clever fans who can distinguish what is real or not. We always have the kind supporters who genuinely love [the Miss Universe Organization] brand and believe in our core value of promoting diversity.”