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WATCH: Kanye West Brings Up Bad Bunny in Controversial Latest Interview

This past weekend, Kanye West returned for another interview on the podcast Drink Champs, hosted by N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN, almost a year after his first appearance. The nearly 45-minute interview included disturbingly false claims on George Floyd’s death, anti-Semitism discourse, and the success of artists, including Drake. But Drake wasn’t the only artist he noted, as West also mentioned Bad Bunny when speaking on music industry success. 

During the interview, Kanye admitted to pulling up Bad Bunny’s concert footage — taking notes from the Puerto Rican artist’s career. “[If] you’re going to put an album out, you have to go after the No. 1 artist,” West says before revealing who he’s talking about. “Bad Bunny, that’s who’s on our wall. That’s who’s on our wall when we make music. We’re loading up concert footage.”

When asked by DJ EFN, “Are you talking about the aesthetics of the stadium?” he responds, “Not just the aesthetics.” 

While this interview remains highly criticized, many have thoughts on Bad Bunny getting mentioned in the discussion — good and bad. “Only thing good came from that Drink Camps Kanye West interview is him acknowledging that Bad Bunny is the biggest artist in the world and we all studying him,” wrote one person. Another added, “He shouldn’t even be having Bad Bunny’s name in his mouth.”



Bad Bunny’s ongoing World’s Hottest Tour has already made history. His last U.S. performances (Sept. 30 and Oct. 1) at the SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles, CA, marked two of the highest-grossing shows to date. The entire tour broke records, putting the artist’s name on the highest-grossing concerts in history.