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WATCH: Fat Joe Defends Getting Donald Trump Sneakers Despite the Backlash

For sneakerhead, Fat Joe, there are no limits when it comes to collecting all kinds of kicks. On Tuesday, February 27th, the Puerto Rican rapper went on Instagram Live to show off the latest addition to his sneaker collection, Donald Trump’s “Never Surrender” high-tops. In the video published on his feed, the rapper highlights the sneakers and stands by his decision to own them despite how polarizing Trump is.

“I am not a Trumper,” says the rapper. “I dislike Trump. I’m not voting for him. Not now, not ever. But I’m a sneaker collector into the art, so I had to find these,” says the rapper as he holds up the high-tops. He also went on to name Andy Warhol and Kanye in his comments about separating art from the creator.

The release of Trump’s gold high-top sneakers were announced at Sneaker Con on February 17, 2024 by former President Donald Trump. The all-gold high-tops feature an American flag on the back of the shoe and retail for $399.

Fat Joe, however, says that he did not pay for the sneakers. In the video, he adds, “They knew I had to have them. Cause I’m the biggest in the game… they know I collect.” 

Fans were not impressed by the rapper’s announcement and left several comments on his video, sharing their disappointment. The top comment by @ms_sunshine says “Unfollowed for that sneaker nonsense.” Another comment left by @in_tro_spect says “why would you support Trump in any way or fashion. Now I can’t trust what you say…smh.”

Over on X, formerly known as Twitter, the comments ranged from people not believing his defense.

To some making manips of Fat Joe wearing MAGA merch.

Others saying he’s lost his legend status.

And then there are some who think that no matter what he says, getting these sneakers is an endorsement of Trump.

Just last summer, Fat Joe released a Nike sneaker with the Terror Squad, a hip-hop collective he was part of during the 90’s to early 00’s.