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WATCH: Eduin Caz & Gabito Ballesteros Take on Miami in ‘Otra Noche’

Grupo Firme and Gabito Ballesteros are in their feelings. On Dec. 19, the música mexicana artists premiered their newest collaboration “Otra Noche,” with a music video to go along with it.

Despite announcing his retirement, Grupo Firme’s Eduin Caz is still releasing new music. His group’s newest joint track is a melancholic romantic track with Ballesteros. The new single, written by Ballesteros, narrates the story of missing their ex-lover. 

Directed by Mane Borja, the video features both artists in a nightclub in Miami, FL. Ballesteros starts his verse with a shot of alcohol in his hand. Caz’s croons follow, reassuring his listener that he has changed for his former lover. Other shots feature both artists on a yacht, drinking their sorrows away, with Miami’s night skyline as the backdrop. At the end of the music video, both artists hug each other while drinking out of their red cups.

Fans are thrilled about the new song. A YouTube user, @melissagonzalez963, wrote: “Collabbbbb that I did not expect but did not know I needed ❤.” Another YouTube user,  @alejandromendez867, commented: “We needed a song like this from Gabito, the 2👏 did a great job.” Other fans on social media are hoping for more collaborations. A YouTube user, @Jm_Cosmetics, wrote: “I love it because I’m a fan of both but a corrido would have been another level. It was what I expected 😊.”

“Otra Noche” follows Ballesteros’ latest collaboration “TENDIDO” with Tito Double P, and his cover of “A Puro Dolor,” originally by Son By Four. With “Otra Noche,” the Mexican singer-songwriter continues to collaborate with other artists to expand his música mexicana.

“[Collaborations] have also allowed us to further establish what música mexicana is. [There’s power in] collaborating, [in] supporting each other, [in] helping each other out,” he said in a previous interview with Remezcla.

Watch the official music video for “Otra Noche” below.