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WATCH: Don Omar & Tego Calderón Perform ‘Bandoleros’ After Nearly Five Years

Three reggaeton legends linked up this weekend. On Sunday (Aug. 13), Don Omar and Tego Calderón performed their iconic hit “Bandoleros” during the first’s set at Baja Beach Fest 2023 in Rosarito Beach, Mexico. The cherry on top? Arcángel also joined them for the live performance.

It’s been nearly five years since Don Omar and Calderón performed the song live together. During Don Omar’s set, he introduced the two surprise guests by saying he found his brother for life, Austin Santos [Arcángel], at the event, “Guess who else I found [backstage]?” That’s when Calderón and Arcángel walked onto the stage. The crowd echoed the song lyrics back to the three GOATs. During the performance, Arcángel hyped up the crowd and sang the emblematic song together with the duo. The trio thanked the ecstatic crowd.

Social media users are thrilled about the unexpected trio combination. An online user wrote: “I can’t believe the historic moment I just lived: Don Omar, Tego Calderon and Arcangel singing Bandoleros live on the same stage for the first and only time in life. What a great moment to be fucking alive! @BajaBeachFest epic!” Another online user echoed the same sentiment: “How do you get over don Omar, tego Calderón and arcángel singing bandolero live ?.”

Others are commenting on Arcángel’s stage presence. A TikTok user, elusuario8, wrote: “Arcángel doing 2nd Voice ? my respects ? not just any artist of his caliber would be willing to do that.” Another TikTok user, callme.eezy, said: “Arca such a legend he sat down soon as they started singing to show respect to those icons even tho he couldn’t resist to sing that legendary song??.”

Besides this epic performance, both Calderón and Arcángel also performed earlier that same day. After Don Omar’s performance, Grupo Firme closed out the festival.