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WATCH: Adele Shows All The Dr. Simi Dolls She’s Received From Mexican Fans

Adele has a lot of fans from Mexico. She showed proof of her Mexican fandom when she posted a video on social media of her collection of Dr. Simi plushies she’s received during what we assume is her Las Vegas Residency.

“Gracias a todos mis fans Mexicanos por mis muñecos de Simi,” Adele wrote. “Los amo! Last show of the year tonight, let’s go!” She went on to show over 150 Fr. Simi plushies that she’s received, each with their own custom clothes, wigs, and accessories.

Dr. Simi is the mascot for the Mexican pharmacy group Farmacias Similares. The tradition of fans throwing Dr. Simi plushies can be traced back to Mexico City’s 2021 Corona Capital Festival when one was thrown onstage to Norwegian singer Aurora. A YouTube user then suggested throwing Dr. Simi plushies at international artists should be a thing.

This past September, Adele expressed her admiration for the Dr. Simi plushies on video. She shared with her audience at one of her concerts that she learned that the dolls are made by people with disabilities.

“It’s such a beautiful story,” she said. “If you have any Simi dolls for me, and I don’t see you, just throw them at me. That’s not a problem. Not at my face, not at my face!”

Many Mexican fans have dubbed Adele an honorary Mexican. “Adele, hermana, ya eres mexicana!!” one social media user wrote. “You deserve everything!”

Another Adele fan was even able to point out the Dr. Simi doll that he had thrown onstage for her from the video featuring a pile of the stuffed toys. “I love you so much,” he wrote. “Look, that’s my Simi.”