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Was Bad Bunny Wrong for Calling Out This Fan? — Here’s What Happened

Bad Bunny had another fan encounter that left people talking this past weekend. The singer, who received criticism for throwing a fan’s phone away earlier this year, this time called out a fan who approached him with his kid. The interaction, which sees the fan push the kid into Bad Bunny’s way as the singer is rushing to get into a van, garnered a strong reaction from the singer.

In the video, the man can be heard calling out “Benito, una foto con el nene” over and over, while pushing the kid into Bad Bunny’s way, hoping for a picture. The singer, who is seen walking through a crowd of excited fans and to his van, reacts to the man very seriously, telling him to be careful.

“Cuidado, papi,” he says, admonishing the man for putting the kid in his way by saying, “Tu no puede’ traer un niño aqui, eso e’ una responsabilidad’ cabrona, papi,” he says. He then gets into the van without stopping to take a picture. But he makes sure to point out the kid to his security team, asking them to be careful. 

Fan reaction to Bad Bunny’s interaction with this particular fan has been mixed, with most people agreeing with the singer that “There are deff certain places and situations that u should not bring a child to.”

And others said that “the least he could do was take a picture with the kid.”

Then there were some who clearly agreed that putting a baby in that situation was irresponsible, even if they felt like Bad Bunny had become “insupportable.”

It’s the kind of interaction that has sadly become common for celebrities, who routinely have to deal with fans who cross a line while asking for pictures. The singer calling out this specific fan’s disregard for his son’s safety in the pursuit of a picture, is, however, not something he should be criticized for. A kid’s safety is way more important than a picture with a celebrity, no matter who that celebrity might be.