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Wait… Is a Collab With BTS’ RM & Rosalía on the Way?

Kim Nam-joon, also known as RM, the leader of K-pop sensation BTS, recently revealed that he wants to collaborate with none other than Rosalía.

In an interview with Agencia EFE in Barcelona, RM revealed that he traveled to Spain for the first time to seek inspiration for his second solo album, the follow-up to Indigo, released late last year. He shared that Rosalía is his favorite Spanish singer, adding that all of the members of BTS “like her very much and respect her a lot.” When asked if he wanted to collaborate with the Spanish singer, he said, “If she wants to, I do too.”

Adding to the excitement, fans were quick to point out that Rosalía is following RM on Instagram not long after the interview was published. Fans of BTS and Rosalía took to social media to share their excitement and express their hope for a future collaboration. 

“Finally read Namjoon’s interview and when he mentioned Rosalía, my heart skipped a bit,” said one fan. “I’m not gonna lie to y’all, I let out a scream. Why I just keep winning and winning?”

“Manifesting that a future collaboration with Rosalía and Namoon will happen,” wrote another fan.

“I’m curious, if [RM and Rosalia] were to collaborate, what genre would it be?” another fan pondered. “Both of them are very adaptable!”

However, the Korean singer also shared with EFE that he won’t be taking on any projects in the near future. With RM’s upcoming mandatory military service in South Korea looming, it might be difficult to coordinate what’s needed to make a collab with la Motomami come to fruition. At the very least, it will give fans of both singers something to look forward to in the future.

It seems Rosalía is very popular among South Korean artists. Last year, Lily from the girl group NMIXX told Remezcla she’s a big fan of the “BIZCOCHITO” singer and hopes to one day collaborate with her. “I don’t know what it is, but I feel like Rosalía, she just — her music style meshes well with K-pop,” she said. “I think it would be the perfect collaboration.” Monsta X’s I.M. is also a fan, telling us he listens to her music. Boy group OnlyOneOf are such big fans they even made a dance cover of “Malamente” with original choreography.