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Twitter Hilariously Reacts To Jay-Z Shaking A Colonizer Off His Shoulder

With the Knicks currently being irrelevant and , the Staples Center, is now the place to be. , were in the building to watch the matchup in the battle for LA, and one particular moment that involved Jigga had the internet talking.

Whenever Hov is the building, you know it’s just different. Players from both teams made sure to take some time out to come by and break bread with the legendary rapper from Brooklyn and greet his seed. Even fellow rapper 2 Chainz and as well as other entertainers in the building flock over to Jay for a picture or to have a conversation.

After the action that saw and his Lakers make a statement that they are the team to beat in the NBA and a funny incident involving Jay-Z took place that had social media reacting. Hov made sure to dap it up with LeBron, and we even witnessed a cute exchange between Bron and Blue.

Another video made its way to the internet that showed JAY-Z  basically take a cue from track 6 on The Black Album by shaking a white man off him who got entirely too comfortable touching him.

There was another angle that gave us a better view of the colonizer doing too damn much.

The unidentified white guy shouldn’t take it personally, even the NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell basically got the same treatment from Hov.

Of course, Twitter doesn’t miss an opportunity to make a meme out of a moment or a situation. Hit the gallery below to see the best reactions to JAY-Z telling that white man, get his hands off of his shoulder.

Photo: Allen Berezovsky / Getty