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This Year’s Red Bull Batalla Registration is Officially Open – Here’s How to Join

Are you your city’s most innovative freestyle rapper? Is your flow incomparable, and you’re actively searching for that next step to enhance your musical career? If this sounds like you, then you should look into Red Bull Batalla, the popular freestyle rap competition that has recently opened its registration process for this year’s battle. You can currently subscribe to be part of the competition from March 1 to April 11, 2022.

Based on Red Bull’s official registration call, here are some of the details shared: this year’s international competition will include the current winner of 2021, the Mexican freestyle champion Mauricio Hernández, also known as  Aczino, and his two Spanish colleagues José Miguel Manzano Bazalo, better known as Skone, who was the runner-up winner of last year; and the third-place winner Gazir. These three competitors will sit tight during Red Bull Batalla’s regional rounds and will be ready to take on the 13 finalists who make it through. 

This year, the final round will be held in Mexico City for the third time, which is the current champion — and two-time winner – Aczino’s hometown. Will someone be able to dethrone him on his own turf?

We’ve seen this competition be life-changers for many — Arkano and Hadrian are both past winners. So if you want to participate, the first step is simple: download the Red Bull Batalla app, where the first-round winners will be chosen. 

Twitter fans are excited for this year’s competition, already hyping up the thrill of it all. A Twitter user replied to the announcement: “The best competition in the world and in history, I love you so much Redbull.”

Others are already plotting their wish list.

Who’s going to compete at this year’s nationals? Will Aczino remain the champion for the third time? We shall see!