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These Techy Accessories Are the Most Stylish Way to Keep Track of Your AirPods

Small items, like AirPods, are quite easy to lose; especially when they’re delicately perched in your ear without anything to keep them from falling out, or even worse if they’re tumbling around the bottom of a tote bag. And did we mention there are two to keep track of?

But between the most recent Balenciaga Spring 2022 show and Vogue’s 7 Days, 7 Looks video with supermodel Adut Akech, we’re happy to report that the best AirPod accessories are also quite stylish. A handful of on-the-go models at Balenciaga accompanied and secured their white buds with chain-wrapped earrings, while Akech kept her tech strung around her neck with an earphone-holding necklace.

Photos Courtesy of Balenciaga

And there’s no reason you should lose your AirPods now that practically every designer has come out with earbud accouterment. Some designers have even shrunk their iconic bags into mini-size versions to accommodate a place for your buds. Chanel’s take comes complete with the Maison’s signature leather and chain twist strap, Dior did a logo-covered mini saddle bag, and at Fendi, they beaded baguette necklaces—consider it haute high-tech! String one around your neck this summer for bike rides and beach days and commutes come fall. Meanwhile, brands like Misho and Delfina Delettrez have also come up with sculptural stud earrings designed with space for your white buds to take a seat. A sure-fire way to ensure you never mix up yours with coworkers again when you return to the office.

Should you find yourself currently missing an AirPod (or perhaps you’re a first-timer!), we’ve rounded up both styles below—they just so happen to be on sale on Amazon. With the extra change leftover, why not continue shopping for the most stylish AirPod accessories fashion has to offer? Whether it be a necklace pouch, chain strap, or earrings, they’re what we’d consider incredibly smart fashion.

Apple AirPods with charging case


Apple AirPods Pro


Tapper red leather AirPods strap



Gucci horsebit 1955 AirPods case



Neels LDN mini crossbody beaded charm AirPod case



Bottega Veneta AirPods Pro case



Dior Saddle case for AirPods Pro



Tapper 18K gold plated rope chain for AirPods



Prada AirPods case chain



Delfina Delettrez pearl sonic earpod earrings



Misho Designs pebble pod earrings



Fendi headphone holder



Chanel crochet AirPods case



Balenciaga cash earpods holder



Paired Earware hook jewelry for AirPods



Bandolier Riley AirPods pouch