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Star Wars Day Loses Luster As #StarWarsDoBetter Trend Slams Direction Of Franchise

It’s May the 4th, affectionately known as Star Wars Day to the masses, and the fans of the sprawling intergalactic universe are joined in a virtual celebration. With the release of the latest film to the Disney Plus streaming service, a trending topic questioning the direction of the franchise and some glaring omissions have been noted as well.

Star Wars enjoys one of the most passionate fanbases and perhaps one of the more hypercritical ones as well. With widely available on Disney Plus, the saga of Rey as she learns more about her mysterious origins and the eventual faceoff with Kylo Ren. The film was largely panned by fans and critics alike with some positive marks as well. But the overwhelming sense was that the franchise had lost its way.

Something that some fans are taking note of is the removal of a key character in Rose Tico, who was a big part of The Last Jedi but appeared for only over a minute in Rise. The scrubbing of Kelly Marie Tran’s character suggested that J.J. Abrams and the filmmakers involved felt pressure from the ist and sometimes racist fanboys who berated Tran for her inclusion in the eighth film that she left social media altogether.

The #StarWarsDoBetter trending topic kicked off some other discussions with it mostly being a landing spot of complaints against the latest film and some of the executive decisions made by the creative team in the wake of the current trilogy of films. We’ve got those reactions below.

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