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Sofía Vergara Obtains Restraining Order Against ‘Unstable Stalker’ — Here’s What We Know

Sofía Vergara has obtained a temporary restraining order against a man who she claims has been stalking her and her 32-year-old son, Manolo Gonzalez Vergara.

According to TMZ, Vergara describes the man, Gregory Brown, as a “mentally unstable stalker” with a “delusional belief he personally knows her and has a relationship with her and her family,” including Manolo.

TMZ reports that Brown was recently released from jail and is on parole for trespassing on and vandalizing Vergara’s property earlier this year.

With Brown out of jail, Vergara claims that his “aggressive and harassing conduct” has continued. She said that his behavior has caused her anxiety and emotional distress and to fear for her and her son’s safety. She said Brown has made multiple attempts to get to her and her son. This includes allegedly gaining unauthorized access into her gated community this past summer.

Vergara also claims that Brown mailed her a letter saying that he would “be seeing and hearing her very soon, my love.” He signed the letter “Gangsta.”

The temporary restraining order prohibits Brown from contacting Sofía Vergara and her son. It also requires him to stay at least 100 yards away from them.

Last year, Natalia Bryant and Shakira were forced to file restraining orders on separate stalkers. Bryant’s stalker showed up at her sorority house at the University of Southern California where she is a student and sent her a message on social media stating that he would like to have “a Kobe-like child together.” Shakira’s stalker sent her love letters and wrote a marriage proposal in graffiti on the street in front of her home when she was living in Barcelona.