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SoDown Shares Melodic Single “Supernova,” Announces New Album

Colorado homegrown producer SoDown has been a TSIS favorite over the years with his own signature brand of funk-infused bass and electronic music. Today, he’s entering a new chapter and beginning his new album rollout with his latest single, “Supernova,” out now via GetDown Records.

“Supernova” is a soulful inspired future bass piece that features Oblivinatti and twinnFlame. The track leans away from SoDown’s usual bass-heavy productions, this time capturing a beautiful sense of expansiveness. Here’s what SoDown had to say about the track,

“The meaning behind ‘Supernova’ delves into the profound interconnectedness between self and the universe. It suggests that if we are willing to perceive it, the vastness of the universe resonates within each of us. We are not separate entities but rather integral parts of the cosmos, and the cosmos, in turn, is reflected within us. Fundamentally, we are manifestations of the energy and matter that compose the universe itself. Through focused intention, we can establish connections with any aspect of it”

SoDown’s album is scheduled to release sometime this summer but we’ll make sure to keep you in the loop as we hear more. Stream the track below and enjoy!

SoDown – Supernova (Ft. Oblivinatti & twinnFlame)

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