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Selena Gomez Defends Relationship With Benny Blanco — Here’s What She Said

Selena Gomez took to social media to not just to confirm her new relationship with producer Benny Blanco, but to defend it. The actress, singer, and entrepreneur went off on Instagram after confirming she is dating Blanco, 35.

The two have known each other for a while. Blanco helped write and produce Selena’s 2015 Revival tracks “Same Old Love” and “Kill Em with Kindness.” But it wasn’t until Thursday, December 7th, that a real confirmation came, via Gomez herself. 

That’s when fans did what they always do when it comes to a celebrity’s personal life: they added their two cents. Most of the time celebrities ignore the thousands of comments that they get. But this time around, Gomez didn’t go down that road and surprised her fans by vehemently defending her relationship with Blanco. “He is my absolute everything in my heart,” she said on a fan page for herself. Someone responded to her in a now deleted comment and she then replied with, “Then why has he been the best thing that’s ever happened to me. The end.”

Another fan responded in another deleted comment and Gomez responded with, “[…] and he’s still better than anyone I’ve been with. Facts.” But the biggest response came from another fan when Gomez said, “I don’t understand. If you actually care about me. This is my happiest. If you don’t feel free to say whatever you want. But I will never allow your words to guide my life. Ever. I’m dont. If you can’t accept me at my happiest then don’t be in my life at all.”

A few months ago, Gomez released a song called “Single Soon.” She described the song as a way of saying “It’s totally OK being on your own, and it’s fun.” However, in her comments about Blanco she’d confirmed the two had been dating for six months.

Fans were also quick to call out Gomez for coming back to social media to defend her relationship with Blanco, but taking a social media break when asked to stand with the people of Palestine, to which Gomez replied only with “you’re right.”

Blanco himself has also come under criticism from fans for being close to Gomez’s ex Justin Bieber and for comments he made in 2020 about “cookie-cuter pop artists” who release a new single with a makeup line. Even back then, fans took those comments as a dig at Gomez.

Selena Gomez closed off the back-and-forth with fans with a photo of her and Benny Blanco, a reminder that she loves and appreciates “everyone of you,” and a photo of her hand wearing a diamond ring with a “B” on it.