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Ryan Castro Brings on the Holiday Spirit With Double Single & New Music Video

Ryan Castro is closing his year with brand-new bangers — showing off his holiday spirit. On December 15, the Colombian singer released two new songs, “RICHY (EL PICHÓN)” and “El Bote,” to celebrate the holidays. He also dropped a new music video for “RICHY (EL PICHÓN).”

“Every year, I like to give a Christmas gift to my fans,” the Colombian artist said in a press statement. “That’s how I enjoy this time of year, with family, friends, joy and celebration! That’s why I record this music, one I grew up with during my childhood in my neighborhood.”

The new double single features “RICHY (EL PICHÓN),” a light-hearted humorous song that meshes traditional Colombian Christmas sounds like classic guitars with a soft reggaeton beat. Lyrically, the song talks about having and deserving the finest things in life. The new music video, directed by “Los Pepes,” features Ryan in a hacienda with farm animals and enjoying his time with the Colombian music producer SOG. It also stars the Colombian pornstar Esperanza Gómez, who adds a tinge of risqué to the visuals. The second offering, “El Bote,” embraces a rhythmic merengue, featuring another side of Ryan’s musical versatility. SOG produced both songs.

Social media users are praising Castro for staying true to his roots in his new music video for “RICHY (EL PICHÓN).” A YouTube user, juliansuarez4247, wrote: “Que chimba that Ryan dares to bring out those songs for the region, may our true Colombian culture never die.” Another YouTube user, @SamuelM_, wrote: “This song is like a magical mix of Colombian tradition and musical modernity. Ryan Castro and Sog take us on a December journey while fusing nostalgia with freshness. Well done to keep our roots alive with a contemporary twist!”

“RICHY (EL PICHÓN)” and “El Bote” join Castro’s annual Christmas-time music releases. Previous holiday releases include “El Pan De Estefania” (2022), “La Garrafa” (2022), and “Mujeriego” (2021).

Watch the music video for “RICHY (EL PICHÓN)” below.