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Rising Asian Popstar Charmaine Koh Is The Next Big Thing

The young Malaysian superstar Charmaine Koh has been keeping up with her high quality singles and collaborations as her stardom is getting closer and closer.

A performer since the age of 12, Koh started to gain recognition by participating in the 20th World Championships of Performing Arts, where she won ‘Champion of the World’ and winning the lot with three gold medals, a silver medal and a bronze one. After such success on the international circuit, Charmine Koh gained interest from well-established labels, after which she released her debut single “Ordinary Girl,” an instant hit, reaching hundreds of thousands of plays. 

Pop sensation Charmine Koh has her own unique style of composing and performing and it becomes apparent with her amazing reception. She successfully mixes different genres of music such as pop, r&b and soul, while also having Asian inspirations. 

The talented musician is set to become the next superstar out of Asia, representing her people and heritage in the music industry. Her work thus far has proven to be top notch, with singles like her most recent work “Montage” amassing hundreds of thousands of listens on streaming platforms, her talent becoming undeniable and a pleasure to listen to.

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